The Omniscience Of God In Job's Job

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Job owns seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred yokes of oxen, three daughters, seven sons, and a wife-in short, prosperity. In addition, he is a respectful and religious man who worships God and lives a chaste life. However, God chooses to test Job and sets a list of punishments for him, who undergoes these challenges throughout the book of Job. There is a certain contradiction in a deity that punishes those who obey, and the story emphasizes the omniscience of God’s unique role in Job’s life. God’s seemingly capricious nature demonstrates the usage of power by an omnipotent figure, in terms of beneficence, retributive justice, and exploitation. One of the many roles of God is being the role of the guardian, albeit a fearful deity. The basic tenant is such that God protects those who are morally good. During the prologue, Job is “a man of perfect integrity, who feared God and avoided evil” (Mitchell 5) and is blessed for that. At the beginning of the book, God provides Job with prosperity and well mannered children because Job is his humble servant. In return for God’s protection, Job is cautious to behave in a correct manner. Job is careful in his mannerisms, and “afraid of God...he avoids evil because…[of] penalties” (Mitchell ix). Job annually purifies his children so that he and his family will not be punished. Whatever he does, he thinks whether or not God would be angry at him for his action. God is a higher power who indirectly commands Job’s

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