Boyhood Film Analysis

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Boyhood is a 2014 American drama film directed and written by Richard Linklater. It is a coming of age story. The film was created over 12-year span with the same people. It includes among 2002-2013. Basically, the movie is about a young boy named Mason and his family. In the film, Mason had to deal with disturbing older sister named Samantha, limited access to his biological father, because of his mother named Olivia, poverty, constantly moving, alcoholic and abusive stepfather, parental divorce, break up from his girlfriend and going to college. In this paper I will analyze Boyhood movie by focusing on different theoretical frameworks. Particularly I will discuss Diana Baumrind 's Parenting Style, Erik Erikson 's Psychosocial Development and Bronfenbrenner 's Ecological System Theory in relation to Mason 's life process who is the main character of the film. In this part, I will examine Diana Baumrind 's parenting style. I want to explain mainly what the parenting style are. According to Baumrind and her colleagues, there are three parenting styles. These are authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive parenting styles. Baumrind focused on communication and interaction between parents and child. Authoritarian parenting style; parents who have an authoritarian parenting style set strict rules for their children and rules are important for these parents. These families have a weak communication with their children. This communication based on discipline. Children have to

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