Age 7 In America Film Analysis

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Age 7 In America Film Age 7 in America is a film narrated by Meryl Steep about detailed lives of 7-year olds from diverse social classes and ethnic backgrounds in the United States. They are fifteen kids in total. Each place of stay for the kid is mentioned and other details to do with the family status, family structure, and their different thoughts on issues such as drugs and crime, education, the opposite gender, on the future, on the world, and so on. Integrated into the film explanation is Bronfenbrenner’s theory as regards child development. This theory will expound how each thing in child and his or her environment influences his or her growth and development. While discussing later on, four classifications of microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem and macrosystem, is to be considered. This paper will discuss Luis and Julio in the aspect of three dimensions of change: physical, cognitive and socio-emotional with Bronfenbrenner’s theory in mind. Physical development …show more content…

Julio, on the other hand, lives in highly ethnically diverse Los Angeles as one of the immigrant children devoid of family ties. This immediate environment of family is what Bronfenbrenner calls the microsystem. Luis enjoyed a physical presence and handling of the eleven family members in their home. But for Julio, it was a negative experience when aspect of physical development as she just a mere immigrant without parents around to give her moral support. On a worldwide perspective, both Julio and Luis desire a better world beyond theirs. Luis really makes fantasy about the place he would go. They think about some of them who have the opportunity to go on vacation whereas others attend places such as Hawaii and the

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