The Importance Of Nature And Nurture On Child Development

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Introduction Development refers to the pattern of continuity and change in human capabalities that occurs throughout the course of life (King, 2008). Children development is is a part of human development that refers to a biological, emotional, and psychological changes that take a place in human beings between birth to adult. To develop from the child to adult, there are two main focus which is nature and nurture that must come together. Nature refers to the gene or heredity, meanwhile nurture involve the environment around us. The famous Swiss developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget in his theory also become our main source of theory to study about child development and changed the way we think about how children develop. His theory was important because he saw children as an active participants in their own learning. Between the four stages that have been stated in this Piaget theory, it is important to know which are the main stage that playing a crucial role because from there we know which one is shaping the most of development of a child. 1.1 The influence of nature versus nurture on child development. According to (King, 2008), child development involves in two theories which is nature and nurture. “The term nature refers to an organism’s biological inheritance. The term nurture refers to an organism’s environmental experiences”. The collaboration of nature and nurture, heredity and environment, influences every aspect of mind and behavior in child

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