Is Reality Tv And Is It Real Or Fake?

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What is reality television and is it real or fake? Reality television is programs in which people are continuously filmed designed to be entertaining rather than informative. Everyone has different opinions on whether reality television is real or fake. There are many shows that we watch and we may see it as people acting the way that they do every day or they are acting way different from who they are in everyday life. There are things that go on behind the scenes we don’t get to see. Most reality television shows are scripted and the participants know where the cameras are. There are some ways we can make these television shows real for example with hidden cameras and the participants not knowing when they are being recorded. Keywords: reality television Reality Television: Why It Is Fake? How to Make It Real. Reality television is something that a lot of people around the world watch. As these people watch it they think all of it is real but that isn’t always the case. Within this paper are some reality television shows and reasons that they are fake and then how we can make it real. Reality Television Reality television programs are television programs in which people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative. There are many examples of reality television programs in the entertainment world. First there is The Bachelor which is a dating and relationship television program. The show revolves around a single bachelor who starts with a

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