Family Feud And Jeopardy Compare And Contrast

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Throughout the day, everyone anticipates watching their favorite television shows. Since 1938, game shows have been every family’s favorite thing to watch after an exhausting day. With that being said, not every game show is the same. Two popular and well-known game shows that have been around for what seems like forever are Family Feud and Jeopardy. Created by Merv Griffin Jeopardy first aired October 1964 on NBC a game show where contestants are given six categories with selected clues related to each subject. Not too long after ABC aired their own game show by Mark Goodson titled Family Feud , where two families go head to head on trying to give the best answered to survey questioned asked around the nation. A few differences between the two shows is the atmosphere; the hosts, audiences, and music. Another way in which Family Feud and Jeopardy are unlike is the game itself, including the point system and rules used in each. Even though both Jeopardy and Family Feud are primetime game shows, Family Feud is a more entertaining show. As previously stated, the difference in atmosphere between Family Feud and Jeopardy is evident. Both shows have exceptional hosts, but they each …show more content…

The questions are usually random and silly which makes the show more entertaining. (Ex: “If the underwear you’re wearing could talk, what would they say?”) The questions and answers on Jeopardy are quite the opposite. Jeopardy is knowledge based and factual which makes the game show more challenging than Family Feud. To prepare for Family Feud, one should simply be ready to answer basic questions quickly enough and of course, know how to enjoy oneself. Jeopardy would take a great deal of preparation such as studying and memorizing nearly anything from sports, music, and literature to history, science, and religion among other categories/topics on the

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