Examples Of Stereotypes In Modern Family

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Challenging Stereotypes: How “Modern” Is Modern Family?

The show won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in each of its first five years and the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series four times.

If you have never heard about “Modern Family," you have never seen comedy. Modern Family is an American television show that portrays the ‘Modernism’ in families nowadays in America. The show is like a mockumentary that uncovers the lives of 3 different, but linked, stereotypical families; the first one is Phil and Claire Dunphy’s family; the second one is Cam and Mitchell Tucker-Pritchett’s family; and then the last family which is Jay Pritchett’s, the father of both, Claire Dunphy and Mitchell Tucker-Pritchett; he is remarried to Gloria Pritchett.

Why are they different? They are different in terms of how they are portrayed in the tv series, each fictional family consists of a different stereotype, an example could be Jay’s family; he is the wealthiest but oldest family member among the others and is remarried to a young and sexy but hot-tempered latino woman, with his step-son Manny Delgado. Do you see the ‘stereotype’? But isn’t it offensive to be making fun of these stereotypes in the tv show? …show more content…

Although personally, I don’t think they have gone to the point where it would be offensive towards the audience, because most of the time, the tv show only jokes about Gloria’s, “When I was in my Village…,” stereotype, and there wouldn 't be a lot, but there has been critics on one episode where racism has crossed the line. Below are the 3 families, Pritchett, Dunphy and

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