Examples Of Stereotypes In The Outsiders

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Lulu Asselstine Mrs. Olsen LA 8 5 November, 2017 Stereotypes and Perspectives When looking at a bunch of bananas in a grocery store, people tend to choose the perfect spotless bananas, since stereotypically food that is perfect looking, with no flaws, taste better. However, people soon realize that when you start to eat bananas that have more spots and are imperfect they turn out to be sweeter and better. This connects to stereotypes because people who follow stereotyped will always eat the perfect bananas; however, people who choose to look through another perspective can realize that the imperfect bananas are better. This connects to The Outsiders because Ponyboy realizes this after he talks with two Socs, kids from a rival group named Randy and Cherry. In The Outsiders, S.E Hinton presents the idea that teenagers can break through stereotypes if they look at life through another perspective; as shown in the book when Ponyboy starts to talk to Cherry and Randy and realizes the stereotypes about them are false. One very important scene that reveals the theme is when Ponyboy and the the rest of his group go to the movies and meet two Socs, Cherry and Marcia. As the movie goes on, Ponyboy and Cherry continue to talk and realize that their prior thoughts they had about each other and each other’s group is false. For example, when Cherry says, that “things are rough all over” (Hinton 35). Stereotypically Socs have money, cars, and are supposed to have this perfect life

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