Movies And Television Influence People's Behavior

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How do movies and television influence people’s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer. Movies and television in XXI century became one of main way to inform, present people important aspects of humans’ life. In 2015 more than 1,50 billon of people worldwide had access to television, which means this is one of the greatest tool to influence people’s life. The television as well as movies have a enormous power, which can be good, but sometimes dangerous. This kind of media has an amazing and quite short history, but already have a large impact in life of people. Television and cinema are now a normal expect of millions of people around the globe. Fortunately or unfortunately still millions of do not have any contact with cinematography and television. Because television has good and bad sides, which people should remember about. At the beginning television and films are sources of inspiration to many people around the globe. Actors and actresses often become in a film or a tv series person, who is what some women or men would like to be in the real life. The perfect body, the perfect life, love, happiness, friendship for a big part of a community this is what they desire, what they want. The people start to recreate the tv series or a movie in their ordinary life. The television gives people an important lesson of life and people find the examples of what’s right in TV. This one of many illustrations how the television and films influence humans’

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