Campbell Soup Company Financial Statement Analysis

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FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS ________________________ FIN 4385 Eryck Lopez Texas A&M International University Balance Sheet From examining the financial sheet of Campbell Soup Company, the business is adhering to its plan for fostering innovation and growing into new markets. When we look at the balance sheet, we can see that the firm has made significant investments in property, plant, and equipment, which shows that it has made investments in its manufacturing facilities. This is in line with the business's objective to strengthen its supply chain and increase operational effectiveness. The firm also has significant goodwill and other intangible assets, indicating that its primary goals are brand development and product range …show more content…

9. Why the increase in current liabilities in 2022? There are several reasons why Campbell Soup Company's total current liabilities increased in 2022. First, the payments to suppliers and others increased as a result of increasing purchases of raw materials or inventories for manufacturing. In addition, accumulated liabilities increased, resulting from rising costs for things like wages and utilities. Finally, the rise in current obligations can also have been influenced by the dividends due. Additionally, the company's strategic objectives may also be a factor in the rise in current liabilities. For example, Campbell Soup Company has been aggressively acquiring other businesses as part of its expansion plan. These purchases might result in more outstanding current liabilities due to assumed debt or short-term borrowing for funding the deals. All-around, operational and strategic reasons cause Campbell Soup Company's total current liabilities to rise in 2022, representing its continued attempts to develop and expand its

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