A Good Man Is Hard To Find Character Analysis

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Oct 27, 2015 Change of the Misfit There are two main characters in one of Flannery O’Connor’s stories “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”. These characters are the grandmother and the Misfit. It is an interesting story that tells us about the encounter of the Misfit with the grandmother. O’Connor described grandmother as highly religious Christian who is a manipulator with selfish ambitions. The Misfit is also a Christian, a very good man who is now a murderer and a destroyer. Some critics argue that, the Misfit has committed so many crimes and can never change but all these crimes mark the transition into his new life. The Misfit will change after his encounter with the grandmother. The question as to whether the Misfit will change is debatable .It is obvious that he is a killer but he is the way he is because he has been forced to be like that. They accused him for killing his father. He says “I call myself the Misfit, he said, because I can’t make what all I done wrong fit what all I gone through in punishment” (432). It is painful to be punished for crime you did not commit. This makes him violent and a killer to revenge. She clearly points out that “… [I]n my own stories I found that violence is strangely capable of returning my characters to reality and preparing them to accept the moment of grace ...” (O’Connor 460). We …show more content…

No one denies the fact that the Misfit is a murderer. Like Saul in the Bible, God changed his name to Paul. Saul, before he become Paul was torturing and killing all Christians. The Bible tells us that on his way to Damascus to prosecute Christians, Jesus met him and “he fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him Saul, Saul why do you persecute me?”(New International Version Acts 9:4-5). This marked the moment of grace for Saul to become “Apostle Paul”. If God in His own wisdom can change Saul’s name to Paul, then the He can also change the

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