A & P By John Updike

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here is my essay , my professor says that my basic idea is that conflict between generations produces culture. this needs back up. who esle thinks this Rebellion and youth Cultures relate to our lives in a way that affects our behaviors, feelings, and emotions unconsciously. It constantly shapes our view of the world and our own personal identities. However, it arises from cleavages of generation all the time. “A&P” by John Updike was an anthologized and popular short story, about a nineteen years old checkout boy named Sammy, who quit his job to protest his manger’s disrespectful attitude towards the three young girls who are only covered by bathing suits. They represent the new generation who are not considered to be the socially accepted norm. It illustrates the two sides of the 1960s culture. Moreover, it describes the rebellious youth and the rigid elders of the sixties.…show more content…
In Short Stories for Students, Professor Peltier says, “some Americans believed that there existed people ‘out there’ who would seduce the nation's children, turn the country communist, and play rock and roll music all day in order to arouse the base, sexual longings of the populace(Peltier).” In short, the era of the American 1950s is about the stressing of conformity and sexual repression. Since the girls’ natural and non-conformist style is seemingly against the antique, uptight, ‘buttoned-down’ style, Lengel confronts them about the flesh tone bathing suits and bare feet. He is the oppressor who represents authority. He believes that the girls’ behaviors have disrupted the system which everyone needs to respect, and in turn has desecrated the society. Therefore he seems to feel that he has a responsibility to force them to conform to the conservatism within that

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