Compare And Contrast Separation Of Church And State Essay

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Separation of church and state
Separation of church and state is one of the many social issues debated in the country today. Similar to politics there are groups who dispute the topic, separatist who according to Merriam Webster is "a advocate of racial or cultural separation", and accommodationist who"favor or practice accommodation or compromise"(dictionary). Each group share's their own opinion on the mater, but both can agree that the matter is relevant. Separatist believe that the constitution gives the government no power over religion, while accommodationist believe that the constitution gives some but not all power for government to regulate certain aspects of religion.
According to the United States Constitution “Congress shall …show more content…

Accommodationist believe that, although the Constitution says that congress shall make no respecting an establishment of religion it is only referring to congress aiding a specific church organization. Their argument is that as long as government doesn’t favor one religious group over others that it is legal. Like any group you have extremist that are very strong willed in their belief. Accommodationist extremist push for religious control as far as prayer in schools to be dictated by the local officials. The main religion would be dictated by a poll. The religion of the majority of parents would rule. Although this solution may work for Accommodationist, separatist have a different outlook for the …show more content…

I feel both groups make good arguments. Coming from a church going family I do feel that religion is very important but on the flip side I am also an advocate for freedom of all kinds. This makes it very hard for me to make a decision. My background tells me that if Christianity was made the prominent religion it wouldn’t matter, but my conscious tells me that it is not right and goes against what our country was founded on.
In conclusion separation of church and state is a significant matter in our country. Before choosing this topic I was aware of the situation but not how relevant the topic was. I was unaware of what a Separatist or Accommadatonist was or what they stood for. This paper has taught me a lot, I have learned to be more aware of the issues in our country. The reason this is important is because you never know how the outcome of something like this would affect you. It is important to stay on top of things like this because the outcome could affect you negatively as well as positive. Either way you should be

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