Adolf Hitlers Thesis

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Seeds of Hatred Bloomed “In my will it will one day be written that nothing is to be engraved on my tombstone but ‘Adolf Hitler.’ I shall create my own title for myself in my name itself”-Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s actions during World War II fulfilled his words. His name brings memories of totalitarian dictatorship, cruel torture, and mass murder of millions of innocent people, Germans and Jews alike. Hitler’s hatred and beliefs of racial superiority brainwashed an entire nation, resulting in a war with a history written in the blood of helpless victims. What could have twisted Hitler’s mind into the psychotic, murderous maniac that he became? The root of the problem rests in his childhood influences, followed by his later experiences as a young …show more content…

Alois Hitler, an Austrian customs service officer, was a man of firm authority with an “explosive temper” (Marrin 9). He demanded absolute obedience that was swiftly punished, similar to a totalitarian dictator; “he often beat the children and when particularly angry, Klara [his wife] as well” (9). Young Adolf was favored for abuse, treated frequently with beatings from canes, dog whips, or belts. Hitler was exposed to rage and cruelty from a young age, and he learned these unfortunate traits from his violent father, who also taught him hatred. On the other hand, Hitler’s mother, Klara, was the exact opposite of his father. She was loving, gentle, and kind towards her family, especially young Adolf; “Adolf was her favorite…she doted on him, pampered him, catered to his every whim” (Marrin 8). Throughout his childhood and early teenage years, Klara always told Hitler how he was very special and talented. She even would say he was better than the other children in his family and at school (8). Because of his mother’s influence, Hitler began to believe he could do no wrong and that he was superior compared to everyone …show more content…

While he looked, Hitler stumbled upon writings promoting Anti-Semitism, hatred and discrimination of Jewish people (18). After reading these papers that blamed Jews for multiple historic problems and suggested that their race was inferior to the superior “Aryan or Nordic race,” Hitler found someone to blame for his problems (19). The Jews were at fault for his failed entry; “he decided that the Academy officials were secretly Jews who, knowing they lacked his ability, wanted to ruin his career” (20). Hitler had learned racism and allowed hatred to brew in his heart because of his own inability to accept

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