American Revolution Social Factors

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Historically the United States of America is looked at as one the most powerful and successful countries in the world. To think this wasn’t always the case is bizarre. It all started as thirteen little colonies that were under British control. Many things played a part in making the country what it is today. It would have been nice to look at it as one specific event, but it was many political, economic and social factors that led to the American Revolution.** one more sentence

The thirteen colonies were mainly inhabited by British settlers. Most of these citizens saw themselves being British, although being born in North America; they stayed very loyal to King George III. The colonies were not considered equal even though they were extremely loyal to King George …show more content…

There were significant social factors that had a huge impact on the start of the American Revolution. Britain sent over thousands of soldiers to the colonies. The citizens of the colonies were not happy about this; they started harassing the soldiers with anything they could find. This later was known as the Boston Massacre. After this event, the Quartering Act was put in place which meant citizens of the colonies had to keep the soldiers in their houses or pay for them to say somewhere. The citizens were not happy with the British government and started to re-think their loyalty to their government. They were all obviously tired of being treated like second class citizens and felt they deserved more. ** quote

In conclusion, it was not just one main event that led to the birth of the American Revolution, it was many political, economic and social factors. The citizens who never tough they would be united as one came together and became unified. This country is now the most powerful country in the world. The influential birth of the United States of America set them on a great path for the

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