Analysis Of Beloved By Toni Morrison

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Beloved by Toni Morrison is a prose written after American Civil war. Beloved was written in honor of Margaret Garner; a black slave who was able to run away from the life of hardship and slavery and moved to the free state of Ohio. The writer represented the life of Margaret in Seethe who was the main character of the novel Beloved. In the novel, Seethe escaped from the sweet home where she was slave and moved to Ohio with her daughters; Denver and beloved. Seethe and her children lived in Ohio for 25 days before the people from the sweet home slavery found her. In attempt to protect her children from being taken by the slave masters, she killed Beloved.
Seethe was lucky enough not to have been taken back to the Sweet home due to the laws that abolished slavery but was kept in the house were Beloved was killed. Soon after Seethe started living in the house, she was hunted by the ghost of her dead daughter who kept on breaking stuffs, destroying things, and scattering the house. According to the movie, this was the reason why Seethe told her children to run away. Her two sons left home but Denver did not agree to leave home and stayed with her mum. After a while, Beloved appeared in a woman form and Seethe was forced to allow her to stay because Denver needed a friend and companion. Beloved and Denver ended up having a very close bond. They played together and enjoyed keeping each other’s company. The return of Beloved did not bring joy for long. Denver

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