Broken Can Not Be The New Normal By Stephen Jordan Summary

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Every time you look at the news there seems to be a new headline about the most recent mass shooting. With these shootings becoming more common many viewers are becoming desensitized making these murders in cold blood seem normal. In the article Broken Cannot Be the New Normal published in The Avion the author Victoria Jordan tries to persuade the readers that change needs to be made so that we as a society do not have to live in fear of being the victim of the next massacre. Although Jordan takes a stance on gun violence, her over-use of fallacies such as appeal to fear and pity as well as begging the question the left the article with inadequate evidence in addition she barely offers a solution to the problem that she clearly sees. While appeal to emotion can be an effective method to connect with your audience, Jordan however overuses emotion to the point it …show more content…

Jordan alludes to the idea more through background checks and surveillance could help. Besides that, Jordan offers no other suggests how the number of shootings could be lessened. She states that one problem in lack of communication, but she does not tell how this should be remedied. Jordan leaves the reader with a problem but no stance on the solution.
To summarize Victoria Jordan has a valid argument about the need for change regarding the numerous mass shooting that take place in America each year, but her argument could have been much stronger if she did not rely on logical fallacy to prove her points. Jordan also made it clear that change needed to be made, but she does very little in the way telling how she thinks this problem can be solved. If Jordan had given numbers, facts, and solutions it may have made some readers more aware of problem that Jordan and many other Americans

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