Analysis Of The Smart Therapist

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Genre Analysis There are a wide array of genres in modern literature, including nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. According to, a genre can be defined as “a class or category of artistic endeavor having a particular form, content, technique, or the like” ("Genre Definition." Within many of these genres, there are subgenres. Each genre and subgenre has a specific goal and style of writing. The Smart Therapist: A Look to the Future of Smartphones and mHealth Technologies in Psychotherapy by Bonnie A. Clough and Leanne M. Casey was published in January 2015 in the Professional Psychology: Research and Practice: Volume 46. This article falls into the professional genre. Genres in literature can fall under certain …show more content…

The discourse communities that the audience is in would be the academic and professional communities, specifically psychology communities. The intended audience is a little broader than the discourse communities, including psychology majors and psychologists, or anyone interested in the technological advancements and effect on health. The readers are likely (will have) to know the basics of psychology and understand mental health, in order to understand how technology can affect mental health. The readers of this article will spend approximately a half an hour reading this document due to its complexity. The complexity of the article causes the reader to analyze the text, look up terms and think critically. The article’s main purpose is to inform readers on how smartphones can affect mental health. The writer wants the reader to be able to see and understand the future in the technology and health industries and how important technology can be for health purposes, (;) they do this by using specific content material. A rhetorical purpose can be defined as something that “seeks to persuade an audience”, or “seeks to manipulate the way that audience thinks about the given subject.” ("The Rhetorical Square"). The rhetorical purpose of this article is related to the …show more content…

Every work of literature qualifies as a type of genre, and within each genre, there 's a discourse community. Each discourse community has a certain “truth” and relates directly to the purpose of the article and community. There are many genres in literature that’s purpose is to inform readers and hold the truth. Within all genres there are four major characteristics: a rhetorical purpose, content, structure, and linguistic

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