Summary Of Bloodlands By Tim Snyder

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Tim Snyder’s “Bloodlands” gives a detailed history of Europe during the reigns of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. In “Bloodlands” Snyder’s main point is to describe that although Hitler and Stalin had conflicting goals and viewpoints, their actions directly affected one another and resulted in one of the most horrific time periods in European history. Timothy Snyder is an American author and historian who specializes in the Holocaust and Central and Western Europe. After graduating high school, Snyder received his Bachelor’s degree from Brown University and his Doctorate from Oxford University; Snyder also has held fellowships Paris, Vienna, and Warsaw (Timothy Snyder, 2018). Due to his vast experience and education in Europe, specifically in Warsaw and in Vienna, Snyder probably had a large amount of exposure to the events he writes about in “Bloodlands.” There may have been more opportunity to hear from primary sources about the events that occurred and as a result, these experiences sparked his interests. Snyder also clearly conveys in “Bloodlands” that there is a misconception that Germany was the primary “doer of evil” in the periods during and leading up to the Second World War. Snyder aims not to compare Hitler and Stalin, but to show that there was not just one side to the disasters and that the Holocaust was not just a Western event. Snyder’s writing seems to be directed towards those who may think they know a great deal about the subject, but in fact do not;

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