Analyzing The Nightmare In Kek's Home Of The Brave

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Don’t stop the ship from leaving the harbor just because you’re afraid of the adventures ahead. If you don’t take a risk you won’t achieve anything. “One doesn’t forego sleeping because of the possibility of nightmares” is an African proverb that demonstrates Kek’s emotional journey; take a risk even when there may be something you are afraid of ahead. Throughout part three of Home of the Brave, by Katherine Applegate, Kek takes a huge step forward in learning to sleep. He began making snowballs that held the key to belonging, he connected with the Gol, a lifesaving figure in his life, and become content with his immensely imminent loss. The sleeping aspect consists of realizing that he is not alone in this world, reuniting with Lou, and regaining hope that his mother may still come. The nightmare aspect consists of horrible heartbreak and remaining forever unforgiven.
Facing reality, dealing out apologies, and having hope is what allows Kek to truly sleep. In part three we see him avoid all of these features with the fear of encountering a nightmare. Lou and Ganwar are in the same place as Kek, they’re all in it together, but it is hard for one to realize this. Kek rejects the idea of anyone else having the same …show more content…

Kek’s sleeping consists of facing reality, giving out needed apologies, and having constant hope. Kek’s nightmares consist of the possibility of being left heartbroken or unforgiven. At the end of part three Kek reaches what it takes to go to sleep. He realizes that no one has it easy, he apologizes to Lou for rejecting his second chance, and he understands that hope is undeniably important. Sleeping isn’t is hard. The possibility of nightmares is what makes it hard. When you can overlook that possibility, that is when you can sleep without fear or worry, truly

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