Ancient Egypt's Influence On Western Civilization

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To people, Ancient Egypt (2682–2181 BC) can be best described as being a mysterious attractive culture. The reason why it is so attractive is because of Egyptian’s religious teachings, remarkable legacies, and their advances to influence western civilization. Now the Vedic-Aryan civilization (1500 B.C) is a very uncommon civilization that not a lot of people know about. Evaluating the differences, an also similarities between Ancient Egypt’s civilization and Vedic-Aryan civilization can show how cultural diffusion can effect Western Civilization. Ancient Egypt, at one time they were known for their advances in technology, culture, and their heritage. During the Old Kingdom or the Age of the Pyramids (2682-2181 BC) the start of the 3rd dynasty…show more content…
If a person did some research on this civilization they could be very attracted to the way the civilizations system is like. During the Early Vedic era they settled in old India where Hinduism traditions where created. The religious system that they practiced was called a cast system. This system was composed of a pyramid that had the priests on the top then the warriors, farmers/merchants and then slaves on the bottom. This social order was accepted at an early age of this civilization and was believed that the better person you are in your lifetime the better karma you receive. With that karma you would reincarnate and move up into the caste system, but if you had received bad karma you would move down into the caste system. The priests or Brahmins where closest to Brahma and where the most respected among all people. Then their where the warriors who had the respect for defending their civilization and beliefs. Then their where the farmers and merchants who primarily where always trying to create good karma to be able to move up into the caste system. Then at the bottom or outside the caste system where slaves or non-Aryans who were in charge of doing the most ungrateful tasks. Their beliefs was a polytheistic view that is composed of deities. The three Gods Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma had special categories with their society. These three form one that is created as the destroyer,…show more content…
This is interesting since they can come off as so different but also the same. Even though their civilizations are from different parts of the world and also different time periods. Some similarities would be that both cultures believe in polytheism with deities. Another connections that they had would be that they had similar increasing in the arts and technology. Some differences would be that the Vedic civilization believed in karma, reincarnation the caste system. Whereas the Egyptians believed in more sacrifices for the Gods to prevent plagues and natural disasters. They also believed that the pharaohs would be mummified and put into a temple with their treasures to be set to assist them in the afterlife. These accomplishments had set forth for a jumpstart for a future for the world such as pyramids, culture, art, technology, and religion. These examples had been adopted into other civilizations to help jump start them into a powerful
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