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Frank is introduced as the stereotypical Asian stereotype, a workhorse slave to studying that got into Harvard and achieved perfect test scores. However, when you learn more about his home life, the clear abuses and pressure that his mother put on him make his seemingly immaculate overachiever life much darker. His mother is implied to be fueled by her Korean heritage, which promotes an intense and arduous school experience on students. AP Frank acquired his nickname due to his heavy AP course load, which his mom forced him to do despite his wishes to do sports or extracurricular activities.A significant use of symbolism occurs on page 41, when a white sheet that was made for Mr.Whitman saying “AP FRANK” is washed by Frank’s mother. Once the sheet, is washed, all that is left is “A FRANK”, which foreshadows how his nickname will be too washed away and with it a new and improved personality will form, as Frank becomes his own person not defined …show more content…

Murphy. I can relate to this on the grounds that I am constantly being compared to my brother and his academic achievements. The pressure isn’t directly from my parents, though they have some moments; conversely, the pressure comes from my Asian-American aunts and uncles who will ask about my grades and classes I’m taking. I feel obligated to take as many AP as possible to “compete” with my brother, to earn as high of an SAT score as my brother, and to excel in music like my brother. Frank is able to escape the influence of his mother’s overbearing presence by the end of his first year at Harvard, entering into a relationship and learning to accept not having straight A’s. Frank was one of the most interesting characters for me, and his purpose of inclusion is to show that excellent grades and an ivy league college don’t suddenly add up to happiness once you’re past high

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