Archetypes In Cinderella

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Fairy tales are a way of using a big metaphor to teach children and society in general about the morals in life. Because of their moral teachings and the extensive appeal to both children and adults, fairy tales are still applicable to the lives of an average person dealing with everyday struggles. Reading fairy tales, like the famously known “Cinderella” by the Grimm Brothers, can help children who are struggling to mature or understand certain reasons for doing something in life. When taking a well-known fairy tale like “Cinderella”, and discovering its history, archetypal elements, and psychological meaning, it can help to come across deeper meanings within a story.

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Specifically in “Cinderella”, there are three easily identified character archetypes, which include the earth mother, star-crossed lovers, and damsel in distress. Although it is not a human character, the earth mother is recognized as “her mother's grave beneath the hazel-tree” (Hunt). Her mother’s grave is a great example of the earth mother because whenever Cinderella comes in contact or cries to the grave, it grants whatever she is in need of, which is also known as the fairy godmother in the modern version. Cinderella and the prince share a romantic relationship that is not tolerated by anyone because of the difference in their social statuses; therefore, they are seen as star-crossed lovers. When the father says, “she cannot possibly be the bride” and the step-mother says, “oh, no, she is much too dirty, she cannot show herself” it shows how cold-hearted and unaccepting of their love they are (Hunt). The most familiar archetype seen in almost all princess fairy tales, including “Cinderella”, is known as damsel in distress. After her mother’s death, Cinderella is kept by her father, step-mother, and step-sisters in their home being used as their maid. When she escapes for one night to the ball she meets the prince, but must return to her home before midnight because she can not be seen with the prince or should not even be attending the ball. Because she is being hidden from the rest of the kingdom, the prince must go looking for her, which makes her appear as the damsel in

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