Argumentative Essay On Ben Carson

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Ben Carson, a Republican candidate for president, began his campaign with little support, but soon developed a good backing upon good Republican values. With his favorability nearing that of Donald Trump, Carson is very successful at this point in the running. Carson is a very intelligent man, with a PhD in medicine. He worked as an active surgeon for many years, deciding to retire in order to become president in the recent years. He desires to eliminate Obamacare and adjust the tax system, among other issues on his platform. Despite never holding a political office, Carson has been very active in politics. He often writes articles on the big issues, sharing his opinion on the matter. As an inexperienced but active politician, Ben Carson has a solid chance of being president. Beginning his campaign with little support, Carson did not have good polling …show more content…

Despite claiming to be an activist against racism, Carson has stated that he does not believe a Muslim should be allowed to be president of the United States. In an article written June 2015, Carson states, “Racism was once epidemic in America, but through struggle, sacrifice, soul-searching and meaningful social change, we have made much progress. Clearly, the struggle is far from finished, and we must own up to that fact and that challenge.” Many media outlets have called him a hypocrite, saying although he claims to be an activist, he is being racist when stating that Muslims should not be president. Carson has not backed down from his statement, believing that a Muslim president would be a terrorist attempting to attack the United States. Despite his controversial stance on this issue, Carson has only risen in the polls, destroying Trump’s major lead. With a single percent separating the two, Carson’s campaign has proven to be very

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