Arguments Against Child Discipline

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Child Discipline? Where do you stand on disciplining your child? Many people think that spanking your own children is abuse and can cause long term disabilities and think that it is unnecessary to spank. I personally think that spanking your child is fine, but there is a line that you should not cross. Individuals think that spanking leads to abuse and can cause social problems with friends and families. There are those who also oppose and think that child discipline is fine because it teaches respect. Child discipline is completely healthy because it teaches respect and discipline, sets the way they behave when they are older, but there are also some negatives to spanking your child like low self-esteem. To begin with spanking …show more content…

The reason as to why they think it is wrong because they think it leads to abuse and it damages the kids minds in the long run. An argument they have is that it lowers their self-esteem, and many think it can lead to suicide because the kids think that it is not fair that they get disciplined by their parents a lot. There are some cases that involve spanking and it leads to domestic abuse. When the parents spank their kids they often do not know when to stop and they keep going. It is good to spank but their is a fine line that should never be crossed but some parents cross that line and in their mind they think it is okay. “ Spanking is an act of violence, so ethically it could be justified only if their was absolutely no other way to improve the way the kids act” as said by Ken Gallinger. Yes there is some negatives to spanking but you as an adult need to know the limits. Clearly there are side that appose one another on to whether you should or should not discipline your children. In my opinion i think that it is okay to discipline your kids, and there are others who think the same. But there are some people who where abused as a kid and think that child discipline is wrong doing. If your ever find yourself in a bind with your kids as an adult with your child and do not know what to do whether or not to spank or spank, just ask yourself this simple question “Do I want a RESPECTABLE

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