Racial Profiling Essay

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Racial Profiling is probably one of the most controversial debates in law enforcement. The point of this paper is to bring to the attention of the public about why racial profiling is morally wrong. For years this has been a big problem. It seems like nowadays law enforcers assume that people of different race are more likely to commit crimes due to stereotypical assumptions. Today’s world is basically run by the media itself or social media. Racial profiling is a very sensitive topic nowadays to many people. This topic really falls heavy under discrimination. Discrimination is where there is unfair treatment to people because of their group membership. (Brym, 2013) The thing is about races is that there’s so much stereotypes about them. …show more content…

It is believed that the whites obey the law, and the blacks are the criminals. This is so morally wrong that is sad. This ties in stereotypes. When watching the news, it will never show a white person committing a crime, it will only show a black person. So just because of the media it puts a label on African Americans that there all bad. But that’s not true at all. There’s probably more crime committed by whites then other races. So by that being out there law enforcers tend to spend more time watching people of different race expecting them to commit a crime. Racial profiling has a physical effect on victims. Being arrested is humiliating enough as it is, but if you’re a different race it could be even more humiliating. A lot of the times excessive force is or aggression is used to handle the situation. Sometimes there’s even injuries that occur during this time and it’s wrong. Then after the suspect is arrested there are unnecessary strip searches performed by the same and sometimes opposite sex officer (Ontario Human Rights Commission, n.d.). It violates people’s privacy. And then law enforcers wonder why there’s so much stigma around the fact that every cop is

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