Arm Wrestling With My Father Analysis

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Brad Bell
In the story “Arm Wrestling with My Father” by (Brad Manning) Manning talks about his relationship with his dad and how they communicate and show affection towards one another, he goes on into the story talking about how things change over time and how somethings that you used to fantasies about are now merrily a thing of the past and you no longer wish for those things anymore and begin to realize that what you have in even better. In the story the author uses both sight and touch to really communicate with the audience on how his father and him interacted around each other, both when they were younger and as time went on and things changed. Also In this essay Manning used tone to establish the effectiveness of the story. In the story Manning is very descriptive about all the details, so let’s start off with one that’s not as strong as the others but still plays a big role in the process of making the story effective. Manning uses sight very well to describe how him and his dad look, such as the appearance of both of them. He talks about this in the story. “But there we were, lying flat on the carpet, face to face, extending our right arms. Our arms were different. His resembled a fat tree branch, one which had leveled my wrist to the ground countless times before. It was hairy and white with some pink moles scattered about. It looked strong, to be sure, though not so strong as it had in past years. I expect that in his youth it had looked
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