Articles Of Confederation Flaws Essay

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Bianca Sanchez Mr.Baer P.4 1/10/16 The Articles of Confederation was created in 1777. The document was created by 55 delegates from all thirteen states. The Articles of Confederation loosely unites all the states but contains many flaws. The delegates all agreed on creating one branch of government. The legislative branch also know as Congress, but that did not face the give the government a lot of power. “Congress didn 't have power to create tax, draft troops, stop states from printing their own money, they couldn 't make tariffs, and there was no chief executive” (Enotes Martin Murphey) those were some flaws in the Articles of Confederation, Congress had limited power making the United States weak. For those following reasons the…show more content…
The Supreme Supreme Court is the most powerful court, “ highest judicial court” (History Channel) in the United states. Judicial review is when the supreme court reviews a case. The supreme court is located in Washington Dc and currently has 9 justices. An example of misuse of the first amendment would be “Schenck V. United States (1919) Schenck yelled fire which panicked everyone. The statement was false and the supreme court ruled that it was unconstitutional to cause false danger. The supreme court said “ the convictions of the defendant for conspiring to violate certain federal statutes by attempting to incite subordination in the armed forces.” People now can 't make false accusations that will cause danger, it 's illegal. This man uses the first amendment in a harmful way causing attention to the case. Another case that the supreme court reviewed was “West Virginia State Board of Education V. Barnette” (1943 where in West Virginia the school board requires the students at school to salute the flag. The Barnette children were jehovah witnesses and saluting to the flag went against their religious beliefs. They got expelled for not saluting the flag and the supreme court took the case. The supreme court acknowledged that the
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