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Jack Dent Mrs. Buckley English 1 31 January 2018 Battle of Vicksburg Vicksburg is a city in central Mississippi that has so much history and important events that have occured. It is a beautiful city in Warren County, Mississippi. One of the monumental parts of Vicksburg was the Battle of Vicksburg which took place from May 18th to July 4, 1863. The battle was a monumental part of the Civil War and had a total of 75,000 Union Soldiers and only 34,000. The Battle of Vicksburg was a revolutionary battle for the Union army and has proven to be a huge part of the Civil War FIRST PEER EDIT The residents of vicksburg watched in terror while the battle was going on. It all started on the night of May 17, 1863 in the middle of the night. The …show more content…

This meant that vicksburg was a place that was in good terms with both North and South. The Confederate soldiers were hopeless in escaping to go anywhere else other than Vicksburg because both Fort Pillow, north of Vicksburg, and New Orleans, south of Vicksburg, were under Union control. The Union wanted to take control of Vicksburg since the beginning of the war. Abe Lincoln knew that gaining control of Vicksburg would help the Union get the advantage in the Civil War. He said, “We can take all the Northern ports of the Confederacy and they can still defy us from Vicksburg. The City of Vicksburg had strong ties to the Union. The majority of the citizens of Vicksburg opposed secession and were in favor of North winning the war. Vicksburg was a commercial center that communicated, and had a lot of succession in the commercial business. It was very successful because the population was relatively big and they were a big community with 4500 people who all worked happily …show more content…

For example, the Generals worked tirelessly in order to ensure that his soldiers were doing what they did the best way possible. The Union genreal was Ulysses S. Grant. He was known as a huge frustration to the Northern government giving him orders, but he got the job done. Often people debated whether he was super smart or very stupid. His famous nickname was “Unconditional Surrender” he earned this nickname because he was famous for never surrendering and always fighting until the last bullet flew through the sky. He had only victories and was very successful inside and out of the Civil War. He pushed into the Confederate land to fight the Confederates on their own land. On the Confederate side there was General John C. Pemberton. He was west-point trained and was born in Pennsylvania. He had a degree in engineering and had a southern wife. He was the official general at Vicksburg.

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