Battle Royal August Wilson Essay

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Great literature always passes the test of time. This is because different audiences at different periods of history are able to relate to it. This is the case with three great pieces of literature namely “Battle Royal” by Ralph Emerson, “Piano Lesson” by August Wilson and “Lady of Shallot” by Alfred Tennyson. Moreover, the audience relates to the characters views, trials and tribulation in each of the above literary works. Ralph Emerson’s story “Battle Royal” is set in the early 1950’s when the American society experienced high incidences of segregation. The story is told in first person, where the narrator gives an account of his own life as an African-American. In the story, the narrator records his encounters with his grandfather and white supremacists, which capture the narrator’s character development. From the narrator’s conversation with his grandfather, the narrator is seen as naive. He is naive because he thinks that the only way to please the white supremacists is through obedience. The narrator is also portrayed as insightful and knowledgeable when he is asked to deliver a speech at high school graduation. After the battle royal, he is given a scholarship …show more content…

The play revolves a 137 year old piano which is used to relieve some of the major events that affected the characters in the play. The play’s setting is the Doaker’s household where conflicts amongst family members are directly or indirectly to the piano. Some of the major include Bernice. Bernice is Doaker’s niece and is portrayed as a bitter woman. This is mainly because of the death of her husband Crawley. She is also resilient as she resists the sale of the piano by her brother, Boy Willie. She also portrayed as highly superstitious as she believes that the piano acts as the link to their ancestors and that their spirits rest in the

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