Bhagvat Geeta Quotes

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65. The most indigenous, native animals are going to last no matter what happens, and what revolutions take place. This is because, since they were native to the land, they have survived a lot, and know what it takes to survive, and are therefore prepared for many changes happening in the future. 66. Thoreau watches as many ice cutters from all around the world cut out ice from the Walden Pond. He simply watches them do this, reading the Bhagvat Geeta in the morning, continuing to live for intellect. In my opinion, this symbolizes that even as industry advances on and gets more desperate, the same values, intellect and morality, will never truly leave, and will live on through books. 67. The Walden pond once was dead, having been frozen with ice removed and no life. Eventually, it comes back, …show more content…

When you dedicate yourself to something for a long time, your perceptions on it change. You notice things about it that you would have never guessed, as well as facing many stereotypes about what you do. Being non-materialistic, and only using what you need, makes life much simpler, and you notice what really matters. 72. To me, this quote means that people should not live in shame because of what generation or place they were born into. Instead, in order to live a fulfilling life, people must accept the situation that they’re in, only wishing to change their part of it. This reminds me of all the people I know who have a very poor life situation, but are happier than many people with a good one, because the only way to live life fulfillingly is not to dwell, rather to enjoy what counts. 73. Success cannot be measured in one way. People often become overly fixated on how “successful” they are in one scored area of the economy and social hierarchy, such as their school grades, job position, or income. However, to be truly happy, people need to recognize that they are different from others, and are not better or worse than others due to a certain ranking in the

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