Book Report Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 is written by a famous writer whose name is Ray Bradbury and this book’s topic is dystopian. In this book, author create a future world. In that world, because people have a highly technology and a fast,convenient life. So government decided to destroy all the books. In this case, the fireman’s job is not extinguishing, they need to burn the books. A paper ‘s ignition point is fahrenheit 451 degrees, that’s the reason why author use this as this book’s title. The whole book is described a change of Montag’s psychological. Through this story we can learn lots of things. One of the most important thesis is: Highly developed technology will replace the traditional culture, and make people’s soul incomplete. In the early of story,author use people’s attitude which is around Montag, to make him understand people’s soul and mind has problem.Last time, Montag with other fireman went to a flaking three-storey house. The old woman burn …show more content…

Captain Beatty’s words make Montag feels more confused.Then he remember he know an old man whose job is an English professor,and his name is Faber. So after Beatty leave his house,he go to find this professor soon.“Well,there we have the first thing I said we needed.Quality,texture of information…….Leisure...the right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the inter-action of first two.(Ray 38)”They meet in professor Faber’s house. In his house,Faber explain what is the world like before government decided to burn all the books,and the book’s three benefits:the first one is quality,texture of information;the second one is leisure;the third one is the right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the inter-action of first two.Professor Faber’s wods deny captain’s world, and proved a world with book can be very beautiful.If people lived with no book, the world will lose color and people will have no power to do right thing, because they don’t know what is

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