Book Report On Night By Elie Wiesel

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While reading the book Night by Elie Wiesel, one of the things I learned about was the jews living conditions. I read about Elie living them with many other jews and it stuck out to me because how could a person live like that and stay alive? Every jew that was caught was sent to a concentration camp and had a total different way of lifestyle when being held there. Another thing that stuck out while reading the book was the SS officers. The SS officers are Hitler's protective unit. There are two types of SS officers, the general and the armed. While being transported to the concentration camps from the ghettos they rode in cattle trucks that were packed tightly over 80 people per truck. They were literally treated like cattle most had to stand some sat and they took turns. There was no bathroom and barely and food and water, many died from transporting in those trucks. When they got to the camps there was jews being killed, burned, and they saw awful things happening to jews that were there. …show more content…

The mass murder was done during the World War II. It took them four and a half years to do all of that damage. They slowed down on killing them when they were running out of jews to kill and only stopped when the allies defeated them. September 1931, the German army took over the western half of poland. The German police then forced tons of Polish jews to move from their homes into ghettos. With barbed wire surrounding them and took all of their belongings and made certain rules for them to live by as far as being a jew. Soon they were all moved to concentration camps where they had a whole new awful life where there was no hope in escaping. In 1945 the horror was finally over, Hitler was defeated and World War II ends in Europe. Many of the survivors were placed in displaced persons

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