Brave Farah Ahmedi Character Analysis

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Certain people take on missions for different reasons. Brave Farah Ahmedi, in The Other Side Of The Sky, scaled a mountain, with a prosthetic leg and a mother who needed all of her attention, to reach freedom. Affectionate Walt Masters, in The King Of Mazy May, risked his life to help someone else. Helpless Aengus, in The Song Of Wandering Aengus, searches his whole entire life to possibly find true love. All of these people took on these missions for a reason, while Farah and Walt were trying to protect someone(s), Angus just wanted to be happy. They all overcame challenges to try their best to accomplish their goals.
Farah was trying to keep her and her mother alive and safe. They had been stranded in Afghanistan with no place to stay at. Their only other option was to get over to Pakistan, but the Pakistan gates had …show more content…

Along Mazy May Creek, Walt and his father lived. There were strange men starting to pass through their area, and Walt had agreed to help keep his father’s friend, Loren Hall’s, claim safe. After Walt watched the men for a while, he decided to go to Dawson. He didn’t have any dogs, so he stole some of the men’s in a rush for Dawson. The men shot at him and attempted to catch him over and over again until he found Loren Hall at his camp and they rode to “gold commissioner’s office”. Walt was willing to risk his life to help a friend, consequently he is now called the “king of Mazy May”.
Unlike Farah and Walt, Aengus, from The Song Of Wandering Aengus was just trying to accomplish a simple human need, that being love. The setting of The Song Of Wandering Aengus started with Aengus going fishing, using a homemade fishing rod. After he caught a fish, he went to go cook it, and it turned it to a “glimmering girl”. She then called his name and ran off, and he’s been looking for her ever since. Aengus has been looking to find his true love ever

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