Brawns Vs. Brains In Homer's Odyssey

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Brawns vs. Brains Homer’s epic “The Odyssey” main character escapes out of all of his tough situations by using more mental strength than physical strength. The Trojan warrior Odysseus tries to get home from the long war. Unfortunately, he runs into many situations that delay him from arriving home to his family. Odysseus has to outsmart a Cyclops who is a lot stronger than him physically. Odysseus has to have the mental strength to face the sirens who will try to lure him and his crew to certain death. The Trojan warrior has to outsmart the suitors who have harassed his wife and son. The Cyclops who greatly outmatches Odysseus in strength does not outsmart him in brains. …show more content…

He cannot act out or attack them because the suitors will find out who he is. Odysseus knows he will get his revenge on the suitors eventually. Athena also tells the wise warrior to attack the suitors on sight so she can see him get the revenge he deserves. The goddess screams at Odysseus “Where it gone Odysseus-your power, your fighting heart?”(446:236) Athena wants Odysseus to fight against the people who are trying to marry his wife. He could have used his strength and tried to attack the suitors right away. Odysseus decides to use his head to figure out what will be the correct time to strike against the suitors. Odysseus is hero because he uses his mental strength to overcome challenges. Homer’s epic “The Odyssey” main character displays hero mentality when he uses his brain to his advantage. He overcomes the challenge of the Cyclops by thinking wisely. The Trojan warrior plots a cunning plan to sail past the manipulative sirens. To defeat the disrespectful suitors, he thinks to have patience instead of attacking right away. A normal person can have a lot strength. It takes a hero to be able to use that strength wisely so it can benefit

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