Brook Trout Research Paper

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With its dotted yellow and red pattern on its back and a brown-green belly, the brook trout is a very popular fish that is prized by the fly fishing and angler industry. Knowing this, it isn’t a surprise that the brook trout’s habitat is disappearing and that the species is being overfished. This leads to the population of the fish quickly dwindling in smaller numbers than before.

Brook trout thrive in many environments, from lakes to rivers, and even mountain streams in the Appalachian Mountains. They are native to the Great Lakes region and some of Canada. Over time, the brook trout species been successfully introduced to many other states in the US.

Brook trout normally feed during dawn and dusk, when the sun is not high in the sky. When the weather is humid, brook trout usually seek deeper waters where it is cooler. This species of fish usually avoid feeding when human activity levels are high, due to its natural instinct to flee from predators. …show more content…

In reality, the brook trout is highly valued for its taste and size in many fishing industries. It’s population has gone through a steady decline throughout the years. The brook trout has suffered from habitat loss due to urban sprawl and clear-cutting forests, depriving it of its freshwater home. Let’s take a step to conserve wildlife for the future, preserving it for generations to

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