Brush Fire And Santa Ana Edomas

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Earth, the home to humans, animals, and all of biological diversity, experiences changes every second of every day, and these changes are referred to as biological altercations. Biological altercations, like the Santa Ana winds, are commonly disputed among society due to both the positive and negative outcomes of the altercations. The Santa Ana winds are extremely dry winds that affect Southern California and are known to cause wildfires. Individuals like Joan Didion argue that a Santa Ana brings darkness and danger, whereas other individuals like Linda Thomas argue that it brings beauty and value. Each side of this dispute is discussed in Linda Thomas’ essay “Brush Fire”, and Joan Didion’s essay “The Santa Ana”. Despite each piece’s central idea being about the Santa Ana winds, the author of each piece has a different perspective. Each author’s perspective is based on their own personal connection and experience with the biological alteration of the Santa Ana winds. Although each author holds contradicting opinions regarding the Santa Ana winds, their writing reveals many similarities. Each author shows a variety of sentence lengths in their essays. Long sentences, found in both essays, tend to be descriptive sentences that expand a thought or point the author is making. Thomas uses a long descriptive sentence to illustrate a personal experience of hers. “As a result, on days like this when the sky is dark with smoke, not only can I smell the odors of burning sagebrush,

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