Brutus Use Of Ethos In Julius Caesar's Death

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Caesar killed while running for king. Brutus and Caesar were good friends. However, Brutus persuaded the audience that he did not want Caesar to become king so he had to slew him. They both had some role in Caesar’s death it is just a matter of how much and how they played into it. Antony is the reason why everyone was turning Against Brutus. Antony and Brutus did not get along they both had two different point of views. They both wanted the best for the people however they had distinctive ways to prove to Rome how they felt and what they think was best. In their speeches they explain and give reasonings behind their theory on why they think Caesar is better off dead and how they think they are going to fix Rome. Brutus and Antony both used Ethos in their speeches to give credibility. For example, part of Brutus’s speech shows belief in why he had to kill Caesar. “ Believe me for mine honor” ( iii.i.3) By saying this Brutus is stating that people should listen to him and believe him because of his reputation as an honorable man. He is also saying that he is a good guy and he is one of them. Antony has a different way of expressing his feelings in his speech he states that he is …show more content…

He is stating that he is willing to lose his life for the sake of Rome’s. He is putting is loyalty for his country above his friendship. Antony has a different view on a way to gain over the audience. He is reading a fake will to the people that states that Caesar has given money and land to every person, he is making the audience feel guilty. By making the people feel guilty he is going to have them go on his side. Also, when Antony states Caesar is his friend and he has him be faithful, he is making them feel sympathetic towards

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