Capital Punishment In The United States Essay

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Capital Punishment in the United States In America, capital punishment also known as the death penalty is a form of punishment that requires a life-life tradeoff for serious crimes. This punishment is acted out and administered based on state. Currently, the death penalty is legal in 28 states, as well as on the federal level. Over the last decade, 266 inmates have been executed in the US. There are varying positions on this issue. Those in favor argue that those who commit murder and have taken the life of another have forfeited their right to life and this type of punishment preserves order and justice and deters crimes. However, those who oppose the death penalty claim that it is immoral and contradictory to take the life of another under …show more content…

To willingly take another’s life is morally contradictory to what is trying to be fulfilled. Any society that executes criminals is committing the same violence it condemns. Being subjected to scheduled death violates human rights and undermines the natural occurrences of life and death. In spite of a person being a criminal, their life is sacred and deserves dignity. At no point should another human have full control over whether someone should live or die. The basis of the United States is to prohibit "cruel and unusual punishment" towards citizens. Enacting punishment such as this diminishes the protection that is in place for Americans (Kaveny, 2). Additionally, Many opposers also see the death penalty as personal vengeance that is acted upon criminals for societal control. Cathleen Kaveny explains,“ A punishment that is both cruel and unusual doesn't further retributive justice. It does, however, advance two other objectives that are frequently confused with retributive justice: private revenge and social control through deterrence.” ( Kaveny, 1). Adversaries see the desire for revenge as not a justification for cruel, barbaric, or inhumane punishment. Many believe that it is not necessary for society to carry out vengeance disguised as justice. It reaffirms violent offenders in devaluing human life while also creating a culture which teaches the lesson that the way to resolve conflict and settle scores is through

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