Carnes Hill Case Study

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Carnes Hill are facing issues that effect the quality of life of the current population of 4,201 (ABS 2011) and future population of 100,000 people. There currently is a shortage of youth programs and activities with no Figure 1:Carnes Hill location and it’s surrounding suburbs. incentives or programs targeting the youth in the Carnes Hill area. There is a want and need for a local library in Carnes Hill, a restricted recreational options for children in Carnes Hill, and community facilities and centres, are in action but are full, these facilities and centres do not have room to add extra programs, activities and services to the local community. These local issues were identified by Liverpool City Council, which decided to propose for a …show more content…

They found this information by surveys from the locals that visit Carnes Hill Marketplace about a local library, recreational options and youth programs and activities and they looked into the use of community facilities and not enough room to have events or add extra programs in local suburbs around Carnes …show more content…

The attendance of the event was 123 people by Carnes Hill and surrounding suburbs locals, Liverpool City Council received 50 feedback forms from the event. Stakeholder Workshop; The stakeholder workshop event was on Wednesday 13th of June 2012 from 2pm to 4pm at Greenway Park Community Centre. The purpose of this event was information on the proposed Recreational and Community Precinct to community business and future plans. The event provided with presentation from Liverpool City Council and Brewster Hjorth Architects and feedback sheets. The event of the stockholder workshop, brought up some concerning issues of the Recreational and Community Precinct, as it effects way of life these issues include; Access for the disabled people Enough toilets,setting areas, shade especially for children play areas Will there be enough cafes and restaurants How will the Council know what programs to add in for

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