Catcher In The Rye Movie Vs Book

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The world has dramatically changed in the past half-century, and it is impossible to deny that the coming of age novel “The Catcher in the Rye” and its main character, Holden Caulfield, wouldn’t have changed with it. If there was a modern adaptation of the book, or if it depicted the story of current Brazilian teenager, the book would be completely different and uncomparable to the original title. In terms of the structure and wording, one of the more distinguishable differences would be change in the diction and vocabulary. Perhaps these variations could be even more appealing to the modern teenager than the original novel, or even make the title filmable. One of the aspects of the book that would most dramatically change in a modern adaptation of the book is the vocabulary. Although everything is understandable, much of Holden's slang and wording feels dated and old. Holden uses the term “Phoniness” and “phony” along the book to depict the adult world as superficial and hypocritical. This word feels dated for the modern teenager and would probably be adapted to a more contemporary and relatable word: poser. The word phony has lost its place in modern teenager vocabulary. Along the book, it is also possible to spot obsolete slang words commonly used. When Holden remembers the time Stradlater said to …show more content…

53), two outdated words are used. The modern teenager would definitely not use “backasswards” or “flunked”. Instead, these two words might be “messed

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