Cesar Chavez Speech Essay

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A voice for the muzzled farm workers, a civil rights activist, outspoken about the unfair conditions migrant workers are faced, and inadequate wage given, Cesar Chavez speaks out in his Address in 1984 Commonwealth club of San Francisco. Chavez describes the injustice and unfair conditions farm workers confront on a daily basis, and what the farm workers, as a union the farm workers, must collaborate and do together in order to suppress the companies - growers - unfair conditions. In the speech, Chavez utilizes statistics, testimony, and repetition to not only win justice for the farm workers, but implement the urgent change that needs to happen in the eyes of Americans towards farm workers. The primary purpose of Chavez speech was to gain …show more content…

For instance, in paragraphs twenty five through twenty seven he uses repetition to emphasize the understanding from the audience to on how the farm workers are going to progress through the life when they were expressed by the growers with complete disapproval to have pride and confidence towards oneself. Therefore, by using that repetition he uses a authoritative and sympathetic tone and gives the audience a strong connection with Chavez was discussing about. Another example, in paragraphs sixty through sixty three mentions how the promises for farm workers in after the election of Deukmejian, they were promised false hope, for instance they right to vote and the right to negotiate with the employer in a civilized manner was all a hoax. The farm workers were going to be thrown from their rights and the unjustful condition will continue for them with no mercy whatsoever. However, towards the end of the speech, Chavez speaks about the future, describes how the future will look like – that they will be growth of Hispanics and their children will be consisting purely of farm workers, and not dominated by growers. By addressing this hopeful glimpse to the audience he was able to raise the confidence of farm workers and Americans about the situation that was present at the time, and be seen realistic goal to overcome. In addition at the last three paragraphs, one hundred and

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