Character Analysis Of Arnold Friend

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“Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty.” Holly Black (Goodreads Author) The author Joyce Carol Oates uses characterization to display that the character Arnold Friend is a devil like figure, and the foreshadowing involved to uncover what happens to Connie after she gets into the car. Connie is characterized as one of the cool, and pretty girls at her school. She despises her family they are not close at all. Her mom envies her because she 's so pretty and cannot be like her. Her older sister who also doesn 't like her that much is always put on a pedestal. Examples are set on Connie of what her sister has done. Her father isn 't really involved in anything and keeps to himself. They Connie met a “boy” named Arnold Friend who has black hair and says he is eighteen but apparently looks much older, he is obsessed with Connie and will …show more content…

The lies Arnold tells also defines what type of a devilish character he really is, and uncovers what he truly wants in the end no matter the cost; Connie. He tells Connie that he is really 18, but there could be no way he is. Connie does not recognize him at all, and she notices the aging on his face like he was wearing a mask around himself on not shoe Connie his true identity yet. It 's believed that his name isn 't really Arnold Friend his name represents that, he is an old friend. “His smile faded. She could see that he wasn 't a kid, He was much older thirty, maybe more. At this knowledge her heart began to pound faster.” From the evidence provided is shows that the lies can shape a character and by revealing he is not who he says he is the author is foreshadowing something bad is going to happen from all the buildup of tension. Arnold is a trickster, clever, and knowledgeable and hopes Connie does not truly recognize the evil in him. This evidence foreshadows the end in a negative way from the confirmation that he would do anything to get Connie, no matter what the cost, no matter what obstacle is in front of him, like a

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