Charlie In Flowers For Algernon

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Flowers for Algernon by Daniel keys is a story about this incent character named Charlie garden who decided to take a chance to increases his intelligent. As he takes this chance and goes on this long journey to beacon "smart" he then starts learning more about life and starts to see people’s true colors. This operation changes Charlie and it changes him for the was a big chance Charlie took and it was a good choice that he made to get the operation. Charlie made a very good choice by getting the adoration it changed him and changed society around him. Charlie used to get made fun of by his "friends" and they treat him so poorly. (pg.291)"we had a lot of fun at the factory today. Joe carp said they look where Charlie had his opera shun what they did Charlie put some brains in." Charlie didn’t recognize that they were making fun of him this was before the effects of the operation started to work. His lack of knowledge led others to speak to him unfairly and treat in a bad manner, but Charlie doesn’t know any better. They have always made fun of him he just never knew it until the operation.(pg.293) when I got up and saw the look on joes face and it gives me a funny feeling in my stomach" Charlie started to turning red when everyone was laughing at him at the bar. This is the part in the story where Charlie starts to see his …show more content…

Charlie had this incredible desire to be smart. He wanted to be intelligent he wanted to be accepted into society. The drive he had to be someone to himself is what took to where he need to go. He was the one who took himself to night school. He is the one got himself a job at the factory. He was the one decided to get the operation. The motivation Charlie had to become smart helped him through the journey. He learned to love miss zinnia and learned to do so many this because of his motivation. Sometimes motivation is all you need to get

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