Christine Pattillo

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Your childhood can be a cruel game of survival. Statistics show that 60% of adults report of experiencing difficult family circumstances or abuse during childhood, 20% of children in the United States will witness or experience a traumatic event before they turn four, and young children exposed to five or more significant adverse experiences in the first three years of childhood face a 76% likeliness of having one or more delays in their language, emotional, or brain development. ( Early childhood trauma refers to traumatic experiences that occur to someone during the ages of 0-6. According to the psychodynamic view, loss of memory and dissociating one’s self from a stressful or traumatic event reduces emotional …show more content…

Christine Pattillo is a native of Everett, WA who has six other personalities inside herself, not including her own. Each of her alters serve a purpose and are results of her cruel and obtrusive childhood. Pattillo experienced mental, emotional, and physical abuse from her father throughout her adolescent years. From the ages of 7 to 9, Christine suffered from sexual abuse from a neighbor. She described herself as “being complete imprisoned” in her mind. The names of her alters are: SHE, Rim, Tristian, Q, Chrissy and Cyndi. In the documentary, Pattillo “switches” through her alters various times throughout the day. Christine states that if she listens closely, she can hear the voices of each one of her alters and they can see her peripheral vision. As stated before, each of Christine’s alters serve a purpose. Instead of Christine experiencing sexual abuse, her alter Rim, who was known to be “a tough tomboy”, would take the shame. Her alter SHE would protect her from her father’s harsh ways. As Christine advanced in age, her alters started to change. She reported of sometimes waking up not knowing where she was nor whom she was with. Pattillo journeyed a trail of drugs and unspeakable behaviors due to the alters who once protected her turning. Along with the help of her devoted husband, Christine has learned to control and cope with her

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