Civil War Dbq

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The largest and deadliest war ever in American history was the Civil War. The Civil War took an estimated amount of 600,000 lives, maybe even more. The conflict started as far as 40 years before but the actual war started around 1861. It was a long brutal war that lasted around 4 years. There is little doubt that the primary triggers that led to the war were the Compromise of 1850, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the election of Abraham Lincoln, these were all part of the contribution to pushing the Americans over the edge and starting the war which would finally settle the debate whether slavery should be allowed or not and many other difference of opinion they faced. The Compromise of 1850 was just one of the contributions toward the start of the Civil War. This compromise was a deal between both the North and South that would give them a series of new powers …show more content…

According to the “Kansas-Nebraska Act,” “When the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 was passed, the Missouri compromise was repealed (They got rid of the rule). The act organized the Kansas-Nebraska territories on the principle of popular sovereignty” (1). This means that while the new act would allow the people to vote to be a slave or free state this means that the Missouri 36°30 line would be ignored and the North would get angered. It states, “A bitter contest followed between pro-slavery and anti-slavery supporters for the control of Kansas. Between 50 and 200 people died during the fighting” (Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1). During this fighting time, many people called the Kansas territory “Bleeding Kansas.” This is because of the need to either keep slavery or completely abolish it and as a result, caused a lot of fighting and created a lot of new tension once again soon lead to the Civil

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