Clemmy Sue: A Narrative Analysis

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On a damp, Saturday afternoon, in the rural southern town, of Wrongberight, Clemmy Sue Jarvis sits in silence on the top step of her front porch, sipping lemon laced ice tea from a chipped mason jar. The moment she observes storm clouds approaching from the northeast, she becomes vexed and contemplates building an Ark. All week intermittent rainstorms had hit the area, leaving in their wake, humidity as thick as the mud that converted the roadways into a never-ending slip and slide. Clemmy Sue, can live with the humidity, which she refers to as – the poor man’s sauna, however, she adamantly refuses to venture out onto the dangerous roadways. However, today she realizes deep down in her soul the only way to accomplish what she needs to achieve meant she has no choice other than to drive on the wet muddy roads. Therefore, late Saturday afternoon Clemmy Sue lifts her petite frame into the cab of her rusty Ford pickup and cautiously eases out of her driveway and slowly turns south onto Flat Bottom Road and follows it along the edge of the Dismal Swamp toward the isolated home of her dearest friend Estelle Louise.

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