Community Model And Role Model Essay

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Describe how two or more concepts of Modeling and Role-Modeling can be used to address health concerns at a community level.
Applying the concept of modeling and role modeling at the community level is very helpful in promoting and improving the health of the population.
Unconditional acceptance is a must-have tool for anyone dealing with diverse populations. Accepting and respecting the community the way we meet them and avoid any bias or judgment will help to build trust between nurses and the targeted group in the community. For instance, Clare housing is a community where people with HIV live and we know the amount of stigma the society attached to someone living with this condition. This community of people has already seen themselves
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Helping the community find resources and providing necessary information about a different health condition, actions to take to improve their condition/ problem and decrease adverse effects, and outcomes that can be achieved from following those steps will increase their understanding and help them to take actions towards their health creating a better community.

Explain how the community’s current environment (physical or social or both) affects an individual’s health.
The current environment of this community has a tremendous and positive impact on the individual’s health. Many individuals in this community testified that the Clare housing had helped them in securing a place to live and provide them with food. These are essential needs that must be met before any intervention or meaningful interaction can happen. Living in this community provides a social avenue for people with this condition to interact with each other and share their experience which in turns promote a sense of belonging and hope. Having a sense of belonging and hope positively affect individual’s health and encourage them to strive for improvement and better health
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