Compare And Contrast Essay On The Columbian Exchange

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The Columbian Exchange Comparative Essay In the early 15th century to the late 17th century, Europeans took the advantages of the Americas as their own improvements just like how the Americans did to the Europeans too. The interactions between Europe and America were an important factor in determining the degree of exchange between these peoples. The Columbian Exchange was a time in which germs, plants and animals, technology, and ideas were spread between the Old World and the New World called cultural diffusion. The demographic effect on the Americas and Europe has many differences and similarities of the Columbian Exchange. The difference between the Americas and Europe of the demographic effects were genetics, animals, and grape wine. The Europeans had been plagued with various epidemic diseases including smallpox …show more content…

Over time, the disease slowly had no effect on the Indians when they finally developed an antibiotics the counter the disease. By the 16th century, the Europeans were able to counter the disease unlike how the Indians can do it quickly. Some had genes to for combating smallpox and much other disease in their way. For example, from the 1450s to the 1600s, over 27 million Native Americans died from the lack of counter genes. For foods, the Native Americans produced food that were done poorly and were poor nutrition. In Europe, they produced potatoes that were more of a balanced nutrition that the Native Americans. Foods at the Old World were transported to Americas for the basis of labor. Europeans also transplanted to local gardens and orchards. Americas transported tobacco to Europe and it became quite popular during the 16th century. Alcohol was quite rare in America, but they were known in America. Most of Americans had no experience with Alcohol. In contrast, Europeans were very heavy consumers of alcohol. By the 13th century, they master the technique of distillation. Since horses were common at Europe, horses were transported

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