Compare And Contrast Just Walk On By And Blobs

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nTi’Ana Woods Gary Pegoda ENGL1301 12/16/2014 Essay #1 In the essays “Just Walk on By” and “Blobs” they both give examples of how people react to certain situations or things. For instance, Patricia Brady tells us the affects that the “blobs” had on the community while Brent Staples uses stories and descriptions in “Just Walk on By”. Even though both authors intent to use examples was to persuade their audience, they did so in different ways. In the beginning of Staples’ essay we learned that he was a broad, six foot tall, young man. We also learned that on many occasions he was judged by his outside appearance. He also told us what he did to cope and help to ease his problems. For instance, he would “whistle melodies from Beethoven and Vivaldi” (Staples 30) to make him seem less threatening to people as he came in contact with him. In Brady’s essay we learned the positive effects that the “blobs” on the beach had on the community. No one knew what they were, but for some odd reason everyone seemed to love them, and they all seemed to miss them when they were gone. …show more content…

Brady had a positive essay and she only gave one example. She told us how even though no one knew what the blobs were, they all seemed to like them. “No one knew what the blobs were, but one thing was certain: Everyone liked them” (Brady 126). When the “blobs” first appeared in Gloucester they made the front page of the paper. Even when everyone found out the scientific name of the invertebrates they still had refused to recognize them as anything else, but “blobs”. They seemed to bring everyone together when people saw them at the beach. They had a positive effect on everyone who came in contact with them. Everyone wanted to look and poke at them. Some people where even brave enough to pick them up and hold

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